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Sunday, December 18, 2005

People are addicted to sensory stimulus.

People are addicted to sensory stimulus.

Human quality of life has increased dramatically over the
past few thousand years. And most of that increase came with the start of the
20th century.

Quality of life is in this sense regarded as the ability of
"any" human being to make everyday decisions to improve the personal
quality of life. The main question is then, what is quality of life. Every
person has requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to have a good
quality of life. Some of these needs are personal; some are shared by every
other human being. Knowing the needs of the majority of the people gives an
idea about what the future might hold.

By looking at today’s society we can observe what people are
doing to increase their quality of life. Seeing the rapid development in
communication and transportation over the last decennia, the strive for freedom
by humanity as a whole is apparent. Look at the evolution of a simple device as
a walkman, from its
introduction in 1979 to the immensely popular digital mp3 players where the
ultimate goal seems to be wherever you want, whenever you want. At least as far
as listening to music/radio is concerned. And here goes also my first
prediction. Within the next five to 10 years wireless downloading of music will
be immensely popular.


Commercial circuit builds and improves on existing
technologies and these are unavoidably limited. Non commercial research
develops completely new things, mainly because it is funded and does not
require to have an immediate return on investment. Although there is some
debate going on about the independency of research. The two articles below are
a mere two examples of what you can find by doing a search for “researh funding”

Research Momentum

We should not be surprised that the general climate for
university/industry cooperation and for innovation is more favorable in the United States

Funding Reform

The positive message is that those who raise money outside
the federal system now have a unique opportunity to influence the national
research agenda…..


If you have no clear idea about how the scientific community
works, here is a good place to start:
A short
guide to peer review


This is why you need to look at this research to make long
term predictions. Economically feasible technologies are then adopted by the
commercial industry. Like for example


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